New Publications – Ready & Upcoming

Lots of things going on in my work and research. The first semester at the Notre Dame institute for Advance Science is almost over. In few days I’m gonna fly to Oakland CA for the Christmas break. I will spend there the whole winter break (1 month). I presented twice this semester at seminars at the institute and I am planning a series of seminars for students in the next semester, plus my regular engagement in the Institute. I met many interesting people here at Notre Dame.

I spent a considerable amount of time studying contemporary metaphysics, theories of properties, causation, and contemporary versions of hylomorphism. I also spent some time on the new meachanical philosophy – a theory about methodology and related to it ontology in philosophy of biology. All this goes to my first book, which I have accomplished few weeks ago. The project entitled Metaphysics of Emergence: Causes, Absences, and Dispositions is now under the review of the Notre Dame Press. 🙂

I started working on another book project which I hope to accomplish in the next semester of my fellowship here at the ND. The tentative title is: Divine Action and Emergentism: A Thomistic Alternative to Panentheism in Science/Theology Dialogue. Similar to my first project, this one also is based on my doctoral dissertation, which needs to be re-thought and expanded.

In the meantime, my paper from the conference on the emergent project of Terrence Deacon organized by the CTNS in Berkeley, CA in april 2016 – has been published HERE. 🙂

Also – a51vvnu3lel-_sx329_bo1204203200_ publication of long awaited (at least by me :)) new edition of Science and Religion: A Historical Introduction, with the chapters that I co-authored (17: Catholic Church Since Trent, and 25: Causation) has been announced: MARCH 2017. 🙂


Cooperation on the New Edition of an Important Book


I was invited to update and revise two articles for the new edition of the book on the history of the relation between science and religion, edited by Gary B. Ferngren. Science and Religion: A Historical Introduction was first published in 2002 and is a selection of articles from the larger volume entitled The History of Science and Religion in the Western Tradition. The book became popular and has been used as a textbook for classes on theology and science in many colleges. It’s an honor for me to be a part of the team working on the new edition which is expected to be published at the end of this year (2015).

I was asked to work on the chapter on Roman Catholicism after Trent, which was originally written by Steven J. Harris, and on the chapter on Causation, written by John Henry. I am currently working on the chapter about the Catholic Church after Trent.

Other than this, my paper on Thomas Aquinas and evolution is coming in August. I have finished the first draft of the 9th chapter of my dissertation. Three more chapters to be written… So, the reason that new entries appear on my blog rather seldom is basically that I’m really busy with all these projects. 🙂